Our Mission

Our mission in the tourism sector is to provide always with the best services available.  We can do this through commitment with the best intention for you, your holiday and your time. Our aim is to offer you the best services whether,trekking in the Himalayas, riding on a mountain bike, white water rafting some of the world’s most amazing rivers or sliding and jumping down water falls while canyoning. We simply just want you to have the best holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.  We want to help you organize on the most appropriate itinerary while committing to offering you the very best value for your money with your specific budget and priorities. 

Our Vision

Our vision is simple and we want to bring you years of experience specializing in all-inclusive multi–day journeys of exploration and adventure with the philosophy ofleaving only footprints behind causing minimal ecological effect with littledisruption to the social patterns of local life. We want to share our heritage andculture by taking you right into the heart of Nepal and it’s people and to impart withyou the knowledge so that you will go back with ever lasting memories not only inyour mind but in your heart.  We believe that it’s not what you spend on a holidaybut rather the precious moments and memories you take with you.

Why us?

Well, for one reason Drift Nepal has a very strong foundation in operating adventure activities because of our almost two decade experience. On every trip we have a good team of highly qualified, well-trained and experienced guides to make every trip with us a challenging adventure but at the same time with all the safety aspect always on the forefront. Our guides are local especially the river guides who have grown up on the river banks they guide on now but all of our guides even trekking guides love and protect these resources; nature. They have sensitive respect for the wilderness and the environment. Our guides always contributes to an informative and interesting trip successfully combining wilderness, excitement, solitude,enthusiasm and always fun. We carefully choose our guides on the basis of theirs skill and experience, their ability to make sound decisions and their ability to communicate and identify with our client’s need. We here at Drift Nepal have the greatest respect to the philosophy of “leaving only footprints” Don’t trash the environment, don’t trash the locals. We hope to see you join us on one of our next adventures.
Drift Nepal Expedition

Nepal Office

Address: Thamel, kathmandu

near Hotel Access Nepal
Contact:+977 1-4700797
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Drift Nepal Expedition

England Office

Address:  London Ealing Boardway

Contact:  44 7957 316485