5 days

Trip to Arun River Rafting

Nepal has four major river systems with more than two hundred fifty sizeable tributaries. The major rivers are the Sapta Kosi in extremely eastern part of Nepal the Narayani in central the Karnali in west and Mahakali is far western part of Nepal. Arun is one of the mighty tributary of Sapta Kosi. Its source is on the Tibetan Plateau, to the north of Kathmandu and it then swings in an easterly arc for some 200 km draining the Northern slopes of Mt. Everest and Makalu before cutting south through the Himalaya and into Nepal. It cuts through the Himalaya in some deep and awesome gorges that have fascinated explorers, travelers, geographers and river runners, and then flows almost directly south to join the Sun Koshi river shortly before the Indian plain. Besides that Nepal has more than one hundred different dialects speaking ethnic groups and during the rafting meeting people is part of the Adventure too.


Day 1

Kathmandu to Tumlingtar by air and trek to Kartikeghat.

Day 2

Rafting and camp at Tumlingtar.

Day 3

Rafting and camp at mid forest.

Day 4

Rafting and camp nearby Bhite rapid.

Day 5

Rafting ends at Chatara and transfer to Kathmandu.

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Travel fare

Professional guide

Wholeday food

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Extra Snacks


Arun Valley River Rafting