Why you ought to visit Nepal? All things considered, you can visit wonderful nation Nepal with no reasons. However, Nepal is the very watershed of Asia. Crushed amongst India and Tibet, it extends from rich subtropical woodland to taking off Himalayan crests: from jungly tiger living space to the sharp chasing grounds of the snow panther. Climbing the slope of one valley alone you can swelter in the shade of a banana palm in the morning, and protecting from a snowstorm toward the evening. Numerous traveler that visit Nepal do concur that on the off chance that you need to

Thinking off getting Trekking this year than you should start doing research for the best trekking destination around globe. You might gonna stumble upon with Nepal. As Nepal hold title of best trekking destination and it has top 8 highest peak in the world. Each year Nepal attracts +10,000 trekkers around the globe, mainly visitor fascinated with Mt. Everest & Annapurna Himalayan Range. Tough with Everest Base Camp Trek there are many other popular destination for trekking in Nepal, which will makes your trek adventurous and memorable. The best trek for one can depend on his/her choice of difficulty, number of

1. Old Kathmandu Even after the 2015 earthquake, the historic centre of old Kathmandu remains an open-air architectural museum of magnificent medieval temples, pagodas, pavilions and shrines. Once occupied by Nepal’s cloistered royal family and still home to the Kumari, Kathmandu’s very own living goddess, Durbar Square is the gateway to a maze of medieval streets that burst even more vividly to life during spectacular festivals. For an introduction to old Kathmandu, follow our walking tour through the hidden backstreet courtyards and temples of the surrounding warren- like old town. 2. Everest Base Camp Trek Topping many people’s travel bucket list is

NEPAL – One of the oldest civilization in the world, the Kirat NEPAL – Home of the bravest of the brave, The Gurkhas NEPAL – Birthplace of Light of Asia, The Lord Buddha NEPAL – Abode of Lord Shiva Mahadev, Destroyer of Evil and Ignorant NEPAL – Origin of Heavenly Path NEPAL – the only country where Buddhism Hinduism Kiratism co-exist together NEPAL – 8 of the 14 highest mountains in the world is located NEPAL – the Kali Gandaki gorge is the deepest gorge in the world NEPAL – Arun valley is the world deepest valley NEPAL – Tilicho

Nepal and the 2015 Earthquakes At 11.56am on 25 April 2015, Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, causing devastation to many parts of the country. A Dark Day for Nepal The morning of 25 April 2015 brought destruction to central Nepal. Thousands of buildings collapsed in the initial tremor and in subsequent aftershocks, killing more than 8500 people, and leaving thousands more homeless. Landslides destroyed entire villages and an avalanche at Everest Base Camp killed 18 climbers in Nepal’s worst mountaineering disaster. Aftershocks fol- lowed for weeks, including a major tremor on 12 May, which