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Kaligandaki Runnel Rafting

With 60 rapids over 60 kilometers the Kali Gandaki is a thrill a minute! Named after the goddess of destruction, Kali, this is Nepal’s most holy river. Rising in the mystical region of Mustang it drops off the roof of the world only to carve out the world’s deepest river gorge. As you roar through turbulent rapids, dodging huge boulders and sliding down glistening chutes into churning, frothy whirlpools, your adventure is set against the backdrop of the Annapurna range, its surreal snowcapped peaks suspended in view through 120 km’s of wilderness area and shadowy canyons of stone. As you pass isolated villages precariously clinging to terraces high above the river, you will hear the melodic calls of Namaste from the children. Locals and pilgrims alike worship Kali’s holy river, and at every confluence one can see the fire rings from many cremations. Pilgrims also make the journey to the Shiva temple at Rubra Beni and greet us as we float pass. On the last day we meet the largest rapids, providing a thrilling climax to the journey of a lifetime! There are no warm up days on this river, you are straight into the action with bumpy, fast, and medium level rapids challenging you at every turn. Both experienced and first time rafters will enjoy the exciting rapids of the Kali Gandaki. At high water the Kali Gandaki is a Grade 4 river built to remind you that you are alive!

Is It For Me? With no warm up days you are straight into the action with this one. If you are short of time but still want a wilderness experience then this river is perfect for you.


Day 1

From Pokhara  its takes about 3 hours to drive to pouting point called  Nayapul kushma then we will have a  blow rafts and safety briefing on the river side, about  rafting around 3 hours. With “Little Brother’ and Big Brother rapids, then after will find a camp then we set up for the evening.

Day 2

Next day at the morning after breakfast we have to ready for challenge with some of the biggest rapids and we will have lunch on the river side sandy beach at 12 to 1 pm after lunch continue to camping site.

Day 3

Next day at the morning after breakfast we have to get ready for last day outdoors adventure kali Gandaki  we will take out at Dam and have a lunch pack all thinks lord to bus ruff and Drive back to Pokhara 4 hours journey.


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